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Professional Advancement in Homeland Security issues!

This is a unique opportunity for Security professionals, who understand that there is Never an End to advancement and training, and whose Professionalism is expressed by an ongoing pursuit for knowledge and the attempt to acquire as wide a range of knowledge as possible. To obtain this objective we have freed ourselves of all barriers, Such as Religion, Language, Political Conflicts, etc.

The International Security Academy – Israel’s DISTANCE / ONLINE program focuses on the real-world application of national security and criminology principles. The curriculum is designed to provide graduates with knowledge and skills in such areas as abating violent crimeterrorist threats, and executive Security operations, as well as legal issues in Homeland Security and emergency Management.

The DISTANCE / ONLINE programs are designed to prepare Security & Protection Team Leaders and Management /Chiefs of Security with an education that aligns with industry best practices in Homeland Security policies. ISA-Israel programs are offered entirely online, providing individuals the convenience and flexibility to fit their education goals into their busy lives.

ISA-Israel is a world-recognized graduate program concentrating on applied fields of study. Pursue your ambition and advance your career by choosing the certificate of the most up to date Security Management program.


ISA-Israel teaches concepts, methods, and tactical secrets of the Israeli Homeland Security & Protection establishment for managing violent crime and terrorist actions in the 21st Century.

Our objective is to introduce the many facets of Homeland Security!



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Modules: 1-28
Pages: 4 325

Price: € 999

Frequently Asked Questions

The “Security & Protection BIBLE” is a Special instruction manual upgrading for various security missions. The “Security & Protection BIBLE” has been developed, gathered, and produced over the past 35 years by ISA – ISRAEL’s Israeli, foreign instructors and many colleagues from various respectable sources and nationalities to suit the Israeli recommended Protection & Counter Terrorism concepts, methods, tactics, and qualification standards.

We are proud to see tremendous professional achievements by all our candidates who are reaching the peak of our Practical completion training after their intensive prior preparations with our Distance / Online – “Security & Protection BIBLE” – Your Personal “SECRET” advantages!!! .

We have successfully developed a very sophisticated and most up to date Israeli made Security Instruction manual that you can always use for study. Our system serves as Multimedia Distance / Online Security study program that it is very friendly to use and accessible anywhere in the world in all languages.

The Distance / Online platform is very well prepared, and we continue to develop it permanently, in order to provide our students from the entire Global Security Industry sector with unique and comprehensive Security Instruction materials.

We continue to add instruction materials and videos as part of an ongoing update/upgrade process for our students during their study.

Students are able to use the required Modules and chapters of the Multimedia “Security & Protection BIBLE” on their own digital devices and in their preferred language.


Please complete the following stages to get the Digital “Israeli Security BIBLE”:
Purchase & pay the Program.
Get your personal access information to the “Israeli Security BIBLE” sent to your email account.
Use your access information to Login for ONLINE learning. it will take you to your account and start studying.information to the “Israeli Security BIBLE” sent to your email account.

Use your access information to Login for ONLINE learning. it will take you to your account and start studying.


On your Personal digital device, you enter into the “Israeli Security BIBLE”, you will find very comprehensive instruction materials that contains presentations with pictures and links to enhance and upgrade your knowledge as described in the syllabus of each of the programs.

We recommend that you read each Module in sequence, starting with Module No 1. Regardless of how you allocate your time, maintaining a strict personal study schedule will keep you on track in completing all the Modules.

Your ISA – ISRAEL’s Mentor – He is the person responsible for guiding and mentoring you in all programs matters during your study period. Communication with your Mentor will be via Skype and emails.

The students should complete the study of each module of the Distance / Online programs (Courses 1+2 +3) that consist of self-examination component to measure the student understanding of the program’s material – No additional examination!

Only students enrolled and paying all the Distance / Online security program’s Modules will gain the ISA – ISRAEL certification stating the attendance of the student in the special training.

The Students of that High level program will be asked to design a comprehensive security project planning document in their country of origin as their final evaluation for certification.


The students should complete the study of each Module of the Distance / Online programs (Course  1+2 +3) that consist of self-examination component to measure the student understanding of the program’s material – No additional examination!

Only students enrolled and paying all the Distance / Online security program’s Modules will gain the ISA – ISRAEL certification stating the attendance of the student in the special training.

Students of that High level program will be asked to design a comprehensive security project planning document as their final evaluation for certification.

Join a free mentoring session with Mr. Mirza David, Founder & CEO of ISA – ISRAEL.
Mr. Mirza will share his knowledge and personal experience in the area of Management Specialization. You will have a first-hand opportunity to learn from one of the best experts in this area worldwide. You will receive an assignment to write and submit a thesis on a topic personally chosen by Mr. Mirza that will bring maximal benefit to your career. Only the candidates who pass OC-1, OC-2 and OC-3 exams, and submit their thesis in the period up to 3 months after they joined a mentoring session will earn Distance / Online “Management Specialization” Certification!


The “Israeli Security Bible” should be used as your Personal “Secret” advantage!!!


The training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capabilities and operational fitness of those who wish to work as International Protection Operatives.
Understanding of the collection and evaluation of intelligence as it relates to the principal and threat assessment
Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of actual assassinations and attempts.
Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
Knowledge of the history of protective services and the ability to identify key concepts and terms of this unique segment of the security field.
The information necessary to integrate all elements of an executive protection mission into a working field operation.
The ability to undertake threat analysis, including evaluations of internal and external threats.
The ability to successfully clear an area as safe from threats to the VIP. This process will be understood as part of an overall operation that involves movement by the VIP from one place to another.
Understand and practice correctly for motions related to both pedestrian and vehicular movement.
Understand and practice proper vehicle, person and room search techniques.


Understanding the fundamentals of a protection team, in a manner that emphasizes team integration, cooperation and communication elements of a VIP protective mission.
The ability to plan the safe arrival and departure of a VIP within the context of a VIP Protection Team mission.
Understanding how to relay accurate information, such as descriptions and directions, to others in a protective service team.
The ability to build effective professional relationships with the police, security personnel, the public, businesses and employees within their field of operation.
The ability to undertake field operations involving vehicle and pedestrian movement, command center operation and static post assignments.
Awareness of technical capabilities such as surveillance, detection and alarm equipment.
Thorough understanding of how these mechanical and electronic assets can be integrated into Protection Team operations.
Understanding the importance of proper staffing, the assignment of protective services and other security personnel as it relates to the protection of the VIP.
Understanding of the ability to execute the necessary maintenance procedures of secured areas over extended periods where the VIP remains static.
Understanding of the value of such relationships in terms of enhancing service to the client, as well as increased safety for the client and others assigned to the mission.
he training will qualify, upgrade, sophisticate and enhance the tactical capability and operational fitness of those who work or intend to work as High-Risk Protection Operatives.
The training will expose the participants to Israeli unique expertise, which was accumulated in Lebanon and other High Risk areas in the Middle East.
The trainees will be hosted by Arab families, for a better understanding of the Arab-Islamic culture, religion, manners and language, in order to avoid unwanted and unnecessary conflicts with the local Arab or Muslim population in these “High Risk Zones”.
The total environmental conditions, the climate and the population in Israel are the most suitable for the simulation of Israeli proved tactical response methods.
Familiarity with typical attacker profiles and actions, based on and including case studies of attack strategies encountered during High-Risk Zone operations.
Understand and practice scanning the surroundings for threats, in order to respond to them appropriately.
Knowledge of the basic information necessary to integrate all elements of High-Risk protective missions into a working field operation.
Understand and practice convoy formations and vehicular movement, tactics and strategies.
Exposure to the Arab/Islamic culture, its social habits, the religion, the language, and the rituals.


The training will serve as an asset for the students. You will gain knowledge and understanding of violent crime, terrorism, and their adversaries:
Who are they?
How do they operate?
How do they gather intelligence?
What is the Modus Operandi of different crime and terrorist groups?
How can they be stopped?
During the training, the participants will get acquainted with unique Israeli protection concepts, up-to-date methods, modern techniques, sophisticated tactics and State-of-the-art security and safety technologies.
During the training the participants will get a new outlook on design and implementation of integrated protection plans covering all aspects of Doctrine, Human Resources, Technology and Procedure.
You will take part in this unique opportunity to develop business connections and discuss with your international peers the methods, tactics and ideas needed for better design, implementation and operation.

95% of our graduates improved their status in the security industry!

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